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to raise
Latin: to raise, to lift up, to elevate
to lift up

Raised. Lifted. Elevated.

tollo is not just our name; it is a mantra. We choose to live tollo in all our interactions - with clients, with the community, and with our key partners. tollo is a community-first organization that builds living and work spaces. We believe in constant growth, change, and improvement. Our focus is the revitalization and transformation of inner-city sites into vibrant and desirable properties that interact and lift up their surrounding communities.

Our products fulfill the basic living and workspace needs with the intent to live better, live smarter, and live happier. While our primary focus is what we physically create, we firmly believe in the importance of interaction and connection outside of your home and workplace.

tollo is your platform to build a life connected to a community of like-minded souls, all searching for the better way… the better way to be.

Our Mantra.
to elevate


south calgary



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